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Yes, friends, it's that time of year again -- SUMMER READING CLUB TIME!!  This year our Children's Summer Reading Program will run June 12 through August 5, 2017, and our theme is "BUILD A BETTER WORLD."  We will learn about gardening, recycling, kindness,... Continue Reading →

As you may know, multiculturalism and cultural diversity are two very important topics in our society.  Many books have been written on the subject -- pros and cons, historic and contemporary issues, for and against, and so on.  Multiculturalism and... Continue Reading →

So often a parent comes into the Children's Department and asks "Where are your books for a Third Grader?" or whatever grade their child may be in.  Public libraries are not arranged that way.  Books are grouped by very general... Continue Reading →

Reading happens everywhere.  It is not always curling up with the 3 B's -- a book, blanket, and beverage.  We read signs, menus, labels, boxes, texts, greeting cards, pill bottles, receipts, and so on and so forth all day long.  If... Continue Reading →

Are you of a certain age where your arms are not quite long enough to get your book out in front of you so that the text you're trying to read is clear?  Yeah. *sigh*  Me too.  I have officially... Continue Reading →

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